The Last Week

I’ve reached the last week of my stay in Vienna this summer. I’m really looking forward to get back to the States and, after another four weeks of waiting, starting up in Syracuse again.
These past few days have been pretty good. Kerstin’s back in Vienna, and her presence improves Vienna ten-fold. I went to Merry Monk with her Sunday night, and hung around at her house last night. This weekend should be really good as well.
I’ve been putting off cleaning my apartment the past few days. My dad’s coming back Thursday afternoon, so I have to get it done.
I also found out that Ardi’s still going to be in Syracuse one more day after I arrive, so that should be a good night back in the States.
It’s going to get horribly hot the next few days. On Friday the high has been estimated to be 37°C (98.6°F). At least it’s good for swimming.

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