Pulled Over

I was pulled over last night for the first time ever, here in Vienna, or anywhere else. It was right by the Volksgarten, where there’s a 30 km/h (19 mph) speed limit, and it was a cop with a “lightsaber,” standing on the street. He just checked my papers, and the whole thing took less than a minute. I was surprised he didn’t have me take a breathalyzer test, but I guess after years of pulling people over, they’re pretty good at telling who has drank anything or not. And no, he didn’t have one of those high-power flashlights cops in the States have to detect vapors. I’m just always glad that I don’t drink anything when I drive, because then I don’t have anything to worry about.

If your mass is less than or equal to 60 kg (132 lbs), this can get you to or above the 0.5‰ (0.05%) limit that’s in place throughout much of Europe. Granted, I’m about 90 kg (198 lbs), so it would be a little more.

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