Caffeine Junkie

Wow, last night really sucked. I thought I had a ten-page fourteen-source essay due today, so I worked through the entire night. My essay ended up being horrible, probably the worst I wrote all year. I had a red bull and about four cups of coffee last night. Before going to class at eleven today, I bought three red bull imitations for around ’Ǩ2. As I was drinking two outside the classroom before class, I was informed that the essay due date had been postponed to next Thursday. Guess I “didn’t get the memo,” but I wasn’t the only one.
I drank another energy drink during the break of the class, and had an expresso downtown with Phil from my class. Nevertheless, I was still falling asleep on the public ride home. I was in a good mood when I got home, and sat in front of the computer for over an hour. I then realized that if I wanted to go out, I better get some sleep, as I hadn’t slept in over thirty hours. I fell asleep on the easy chair and slept for over an hour. When I woke up I found out that no one was out again tonight, so I decided to go to bed. This didn’t work, and that’s why I’m sitting here typing right now.

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