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Well, after four months this weblog is finally back in action! Let me explain what happened:
Last November I decided to move my site to a new host which offered me a better deal. In the course of one night or so I moved about 95% of my content to the new host. (I still haven’t moved AISVIENNA.COM) Problems came up with just about ever aspect of the site that used a database to store data. This includes AIS2002.COM, this weblogs (life and site), my guestbook, my link site, and my “Ask Kai” section (which I’m getting rid of anyway).
So after fixing up a few things like AIS2002.COM, I became lazy and didn’t do much here at all. Well I started to get sick of people asking me to fix the site up, so I’m working on it again.
I’m going to combine both weblogs into one and separate them by category. You can filter out what you want to read about using the category selector to the right. I’m also going to make the blog a little more “bloggy” by giving my opinion on current local, national, and international politics. So let’s see how long I can keep it going this time!
Note: To comment on my entries you now have to register with TypeKey. This only takes a couple seconds and lets you comment on thousands of blogs out there. I enacted this because the comment boxes were being used for spam over 99.99% (no exaggeration, there are over 20,000 spam entries I’m working on getting rid of right now) of the time.
Register with TypeKey.
Oh, and I’m also missing over 200 entries from 2000-2002 and 2003-2004 that I’ll have to manually add back.

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