Athletic Overdrive

Vestal Rail TrailAfter two days of having my exercise rained out, I finally had some. In fact, by my standards, it was an insane amount.
At around two this afternoon, I biked the Vestal Rail Trail both ways, for a total of four miles (6.4 km). I had a physical therapy appointment at 3:15 (I’ll get to that later), and then decided to bike again around six. So, I biked the Rail Trail another time, bringing my total bike milage to eight miles (12.9 km) today. I probably won’t be able to move tomorrow, but at least I feel like I did something worthwhile today.
According to my physical therapist, my left rib is turning out nicely. Like last Tuesday, I got a fairly long heating pad treatment, followed by an ultrasound, and then some hardcore manual rib alignment by the doctor. He also put two six-inch (fifteen-centimeter) bandages on my left rib, which should keep me from applying pressure there. I have one more appointment left (Thursday). Hopefully this will solve my problem for good.

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