A Night of Packing

After a wonderful week of literally being the only person living on my entire block, I am finally making preparations of going home to Vestal and subsequently to Vienna!
I have an insane amount to pack, thanks to my vast collection of important cables, without which vital instruments such as my cell phone, camera, or video camera, would be useless. I am about to make a huge checklist that lists all my electronic devices and what I need for them.
Tomorrow I have my last shift at Target before the holidays. It’s from 3:30 to midnight, after which I’ll drive home, arriving sometime around 1:30. I can’t wait to be back in Vestal, and I can’t wait to be back in Vienna, my second home, a couple days later.
Having a great couple of weeks to look forward to has really brightened my outlook. After weeks of having only exams and essays to “look forward to,” this is heaven!
Well, I’m wasting valuable time! Off to packing!

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