The Work Week Starts on Friday

Weeeew! It’s finally Friday again! Not that the weekend is something for me to look forward to. Here are just a few things I have to do for Monday/Tuesday:
Write 1600 words for History 155
Read two books of 200 pages each for History 300
Memorize the entire periodic table (except the inner transition metals) and answer about thirty questions from two chapters of reading for chemistry.
Read an essay for English
Yeah… Damn… Last semester I took 13 credits (four three-credit classes and one one-credit class) and it was horribly easy. This semester I’m taking 16 credits (five three-credit classes and one one-credit class) and it’s horrible hell!
Well, I’m going to hit the shower now, which is always fun as well. We have three showers. Two of them don’t get hot enough for me and have a real wimpy water pressure. If you turn the third one on it pumps water out like a fire hose, pushing the inner curtain all the way to the outer curtain. If you stand in the path of the water for about a minute you come out of the shower red as hell! I always use it anyway, because it gets hot and wakes me up.

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