Prom, Money, Germany

After ten consecutive nights of going out, I decided to rest last night. (Actually there was nothing going on!) I went to my former high schoolÌs prom Saturday night. It was fun as usual, although it was most definitely my last one! It was at the Grand Hotel Vienna (formally known as the ANA (All Nippon Airways) Grand Hotel but some rich Arabian oil king bought it), where it has been for years. I showed up around eight, but as usual the party didnÌt really get going until around eleven. It went until one, after which I hung around a bit and then drove a few friends home. When I got home at three I was horribly depressed because then I realized another week of boredom was ahead of me. Weekday nights usually are pretty fun, because I hang out with my alumni friends downtown, but the days just suck. I usually end up sitting at home and listening to music waiting for time to pass or someone to call me, which rarely ever happens anymore! I really like the weekends, especially Friday, when I usually hang out with some of my still-in-school friends.
I donÌt feel like killing all my money on decent, but not particularly exciting nights downtown. Basically my choices are to take the car and therefore save a lot of money but sit there while my friends really enjoy themselves, or take public and sort of join the enjoyment but also get rid of a lot of cash. The fact of the matter is that I want to buy a car later this summer and the euroÌs worth a lot these days÷ Except in Europe! Often IÌll spend Ÿ20 a night, which is like $24. You can see how money has the potential to disappear fast at this rate. Luckily, since I take the car most nights I donÌt end up spending that much money.
IÌm also a little upset that IÌm flying to visit my grandparents on June 6, which I have found out is the last day of school at my former high school, and there will probably be a great party that night. I wish I had found that out a little sooner, but IÌm looking forward to seeing my grandparents again, and IÌm sure there will be many party opportunities when I get back four days later.

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