Horrible at CGI, Soundless Videos

Today I reassured myself of how horrible I am at web publishing÷ Yep÷ I thought I was all cool and suave and decided I was going to make my own CGI guestbook÷ Well, I managed getting one set up pretty well, but then couldnÌt get it to work when I uploaded it. Oh well, I guess IÌm stuck with that Bravenet piece of junk a little longer. I really have to get myself down to the basement and start putting my videos together. I only have a little over a week of vacation left, and have to make “Volume 4” (new college footage), and “Volume 2S” (shortened version of Volume 2, which was 7.5 hours, cutting it down to about two hours to just include my senior year of high school).
While weÌre at the technical talk, I figured out a few days ago that the reason a lot of people canÌt hear sound on my tapes is because I was an idiot, and bought a multi-system VCR that only records hi-fi (in the picture track). It reserves the normalðsoundtrack for its “karaoke mode.” So if I sang over my tapes you would be able to hear sound÷ Although it would be my horrible singing voice.
As for the haircut÷ I have still yet to get it.

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