Going Commando

I had a good deal of my laundry stolen yesterday! Yeah, I did three loads of laundry, and then sorted out what I wanted to put in the dryer. I don’t put my t-shirts in there because they shrink and the plastic designs on them crack up. But I put about three pairs of pants, a pair of gym shorts, my workout t-shirt, and all my socks and boxers in there. This was at about 1:30. I had class at two, so I went back down around 3:30 to pick up my laundry. All the dryers were empty. I went upstairs to the Residence Life Office, and our director of Residence Life told me to file a report with Campus Safety.
Great, so I now only have two pairs of boxers, about three pairs of socks (no normal socks at all), and one pair of decent pants left. I still have all my shirts though, because, like I said, I didn’t put them in the dryer. I’m still hoping someone took my laundry by accident (e.g. Their friend asked them to pick up their laundry and they took the wrong load), because I don’t see how anyone would want my boxers, seeing that some of them are around seven years old. I could see how someone would want to steal the pants, but wouldn’t they leave the other stuff in there?
Tonight is the big Syracuse vs. Texas Final Four Game in New Orleans. Tip-off is around 8:45, and it’s on CBS.

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