First Entry of New Weblog!

This is the first entry of my new site-hosted weblog! Weeew! Now I just have to transfer the hundreds of old entries dating back to 2000 onto this thing! Ahhh… I got time since I paid Xanga (old host) until December.
Anyway… Today I drove my dad to the Philly airport, which turned out to be useless because all the flights were canceled because of a few thunderstorms. Here’s a little freaky picture I took on the Penna Turnpike:

I-476 Truck Accident

What I don’t get is how the hell did the truck drive over the concrete wall and not damage it!?
Last night I went to the Quindlen Shoals concert in Owego. It was pretty damn good. They have some great original songs which you can download of their web site.

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