Video Tech Talk

Gah, IÌm at home and horribly overwhelmed. I always think IÌm amazingly great at video editing, but in reality IÌm just a pathetic loser. Let me see if I can break down the problem so that the average person can understand:
Many of the people IÌve been sending my videos to have been complaining that they canÌt hear sound on them. Well÷
ThatÌs because videotapes have two mono ÏsoundtracksÓ (areas) where sound is recorded on. HI-FI VCRs are stereo VCRs that encode a stereo signal in the video signal.
When recording the master for my latest tape, and a few before that, I forgot to set the VCR up so that it records both on the stereo and the mono tracks.
So now, all the people with non-HI-FI VCRÌs wonÌt be able to hear anything! Great! And IÌve spent hours trying to come up with a solution, but there is none!
So: Sorry all you wonderful friends of mine that want to see my college experiences! Find a HI-FI VCR (your parents probably have one), and you can listen to the sound! Otherwise, there is nothing I can really do.

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