The Bus Ride From Hell

moving-hell-fire.gifThe Bus Ride From Hellmoving-hell-fire.gif

Today I really have a story to tell about a trip that just ended a few minutes ago. You see, when I ride the bus to and from school, I’m talking about a school bus. Not a cute yellow bus, but a full-sized touring bus. You might have experienced or at least heard of how narrow European roads are. Vienna is no exception. My bus route definitely takes this to an extreme. So seeing that since we take full sized tour busses through narrow Viennese streets, we are already doomed. However, put me in control of the situation and all hell breaks loose!
Let me explain. This afternoon I basically took it upon myself to direct the bus driver, as none of my fellow students that usually do it were on the bus. These three have had a high tendency not to show up, especially in the last few weeks.
That was the background, here is the story:
Today, once again, I was in charge. Too bad that I was too busy socializing with one of my prom dates to tell the driver to go up a narrow street where we have to drop off a little girl every afternoon. Too bad also that the road we were on isn’t much wider. Too bad as well that there was tons of traffic.
All in all, this is not the end of the world. While the bus driver was complaining to me that he had to be in a village south of Vienna in 50 minutes, I quickly came up with a new plan to get back to this girl’s stop. It took about ten minutes until we managed to somehow get back to where I went wrong. The girl got off, and I wouldn’t have given the whole thing another thought, but this wonderful prom date of mine used her womanly instincts and saved the day.
You see the girl’s parents weren’t at the stop. Why that was so you will find out soon. Anyway, my wonderful prom date with the womanly instincts, Karen being her name, got off right when she noticed the fact that the girl had no parents waiting for her at the stop. I wouldn’t have gotten off; my manly ignorance would have stopped me. But then again I didn’t even notice.
All right, so two or three minutes later, while we were on another narrow street, the bus driver’s phone rings. He picks up (lawbreaker) and stops the bus so that no car (even a biker) could get by. It turns out the girl’s parents had followed the bus when they had seen it pass, and (get this!) lost it someplace. The bus driver explained an adult student had gotten off and everything was groovy. But the bus company kept asking him all these questions, and that took ages.
Anyway, if it wasn’t for Karen’s great instincts, I would have gotten screwed over by the school and the parents for leaving that girl there, and I would have felt all bad.
But anyway, I got home like 30 minutes late, not that I have anything to do here. I wish I could just go to bed and wake up tomorrow morning. Sleeping is a great way to kill time.

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