Party Recap, May Day

The party yesterday was all right. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. I personally didn’t socialize too much for some reason.
We are having hardcore summer temperatures in Vienna currently. Today we hit 25¬ƒC (about 77¬ƒF), that of course being the official shade temperature. It’s amazing how the weather can alter your mood. Just check below, where it was raining sporadically. I was in a pretty bad mood on that day.
I had no school today because of May Day, which is the labor day of most countries in the world, including Austria. The U.S. doesn’t want it because there is a lot of propaganda going around that it is communist. It is socialist, which is indeed a big difference, since socialism simply means representing the worker, which is another word for laborer, and hence we arrive at labor day. It was actually founded in Chicago, when a group of disgruntled workers hit the streets on the day where a new work-hour law came into effect.

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