Oversleeping, Officially a College Student

I love oversleeping! Today, besides the fact that I have like four alarm clocks set, including one from my cell phone provider, I woke up at 7:45 a.m. My usual get-up time is 5:00. That’s because I am insane. If I take the school bus I usually leave at 7:15. So I give myself over two hours.
Anyway, I woke up at 7:45 and left with the car an hour later. How did I manage to get ready in an hour? I skipped breakfast. My one class I currently have was horribly boring, since we had a substitute, and my law is “substitute = no work.’Äù Not that we do anything in that class anymore anyway. We simply work through old IB exams.
In happier news, I can now officially call myself a college student, I guess. I faxed my acceptance of my acceptance to Utica College of Syracuse University today. Tomorrow night I am going partying in somebody’s backyard, since there’s a triple birthday party, and in Austria (as in basically all countries of the world but the U.S. and Canada), May 1 is Labor Day, hence no school.
2:55 pm

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