Out on the Deck

I’m sitting on the deck and I’m pretty lonely. My parents went to Ithaca with some friends, and now I’m just sitting here enjoying the quiet… And some punks exploding firecrackers and revving motorcycles.
My radio transmitter came today. Too bad I’m going to have to sell it again, because it cost more money than I have. Oh well. But I had some fun with it. I found out that with the supplied antenna I can broadcast about two blocks.
I might go to the New York State Fair in the next few days. I guess because I’m horribly bored. I surfed to find out who’s performing there. After making it through all these “listen to a live chat with the A-Teens!” (they’re performing there) pop up windows, I finally found a list. Turns out the bands I would go listen to are performing when I’m already at college. Oh well.
Time to move inside, it?s getting cold as hell out here.

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