Methane, Ethane, and Insane

This enthalpy of Atomization stuff is really starting to annoy me. I quote my wonderful chemistry teacher Dr. St?ri three months ago: “This is like a [nightmare], we have exam in three months!” Now I can say “This is like a hellish nightmare, I have an exam in three [school] days!” Methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane heptane, octane, nonane, decane, this is insane!
The advantage I have over many of my classmates is that the IB exam is of no importance to my future. You see, many unfortunate souls decided to go to Great Britain, where colleges don’t accept you, they make you an offer! They say something like “you need 30 points on your IB exams to come here.” IB results come out in July or so, so they have no effect on my future. Still my parents paid like $80 an exam plus all these processing fees to the damn IB organization to take these things, so I can??t really just say “screw the chemistry exam.”
This whole next weekend and the following two weeks are going to be so stress-packed. This Saturday I have to buy/rent a tuxedo at some random shop, which was recommended to me. I need it for the graduation dinner and for prom.
I am looking forward to prom, since it is the last high school event I will ever take part in, besides graduation of course. I don’t mean that last sentence like “get school over with,?? I mean I look forward to enjoying it.
But there are all these extra events piled up. Pre-prom, after-prom, after-graduation, and “the morning after?? parties. Damn! When I reach “the morning after” party, I will be so glad that the stress is over. Then there is just a week of relaxing Rhodes, Greece. Ahhhhhh, I’m getting a sunburn just thinking of it.

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