Blade, Billy’s, Quarry, Hemp Day

Yesterday I had a pretty fun evening. It would probably be an eight on a scale from one to ten. I saw the movie Blade with three friends, which I didn’t like at all (the movie, not the friends!), but then again, I’m not really an action/horror movie fan.
Then we went to Billy’s Bones Irish Pub, and sat around outside with a few other friends. Then I and some of those friends drove up to our school’s ritual Quarry get-together, which we have out on a field on Friday nights when the weather is nice. By the way, right now we’re at 30°C (86°F) outside… I love summer!
Anyway, the Quarry thing wasn’t too big of an event yesterday, so I dropped a few people off on the way back downtown with a few other people. We went back to Billy’s and met a few of the original friends, and stayed there for twenty minutes. Via a detour I went back up to the Quarry and hung out there until about 1:30.
Anyway, I’m going to go out while the stores are still open (they close at 5 p.m. in Austria), and fight my way through all the “Legalize Cannabis” parades that are taking place today. I think it’s like Global Hemp Day today or something.

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