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Coffee and VH-1

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I just got up. I'm having coffee and watching VH-1. Yep, tons of fun. I actually ended up sleeping last night! Great, I can't get breakfast anymore, unless I walk to IHOP. I guess I'll just have lunch for breakfast. Right now I'm enjoying my Gevalia Stockholm Roast Coffee.

Sleeping Failed

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Great, I tried sleeping from like 11:30 to 1:00. It horribly failed. So I'm on the computer again. I'll probably write a sentimental email or two. That ought to make me tired.

Three Classes

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I actually had three classes today! Yeah, that's the most I ever have on a day! Well, one of them was a 45-minute "First Year Seminar" class, which the college sort of wants you to take.

I got a horribly negative feeling during and after that class. I don't really know why, but I did. Oh well...

For once I'm actually alone! Yeah, first time since Sunday. It feels horribly weird. But I don't really mind too much. I'm in a really lazy web mood right now, so understand if I update less often and/or write last. I have these phases occasionally.

Good Good Vibes

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Hey hey! I'm just chilling in the dorm, listening to loud Sublime. I'm eating Frisk mints like food. I just ate a whole package in twenty minutes!

And good good vibes.... They keep on playing... Playing... Sublime Don't Push 40 Oz. To Freedom

I have some work meeting at four. I guess I got maintenance, but I sort of forgot! Oh well... At least I remember the room number!

Cold as Hell

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It's cold as hell today! I have a class in about 45 minutes... I'm way too lazy to close the window, because my box fan is sitting in it. Every time the wind blows the fan spins by itself and makes me feel horribly cold! Not much new otherwise.

First Classes

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I had my first classes today. They were fun. No seriously, they weren't bad. Tomorrow I only have one class! I'd keep writing, but there are girls in the room!

Chilling in the New Room

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Great, I finally got some time! I'm sitting in my room watching / listening to my Sublime DVD. Gah, I did so much today.

But I never finished mentioning yesterday...

After hauling all my stuff to my room, my parents and I bought some more stuff at a local mall. Then my parents helped me unpack. Then I met my roommate. Then my parents left and we just hung around and went to some hall meeting. Then thanks to my roommate's connections, we drove around the towns and villages in this area. Then we basically slept.

This morning I went to a few offices and then we had a convocation ceremony. It was cute. Then my stereo arrived and I set it up. Then we had to fill out some boring survey. Then I went to another office.

That would be about it. Classes start tomorrow.

Done Unloading

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My day has been great! Yeah, with the exception of unloading all my junk... But the internet is working, and I am settled. I'm going to go sleep now. More in a few hours...

Last Entry Before College

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Well, this is it folks! I'm off to college.