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Party Time!

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Whooo! It's Party Time!

I love oversleeping! Today, besides the fact that I have like four alarm clocks set, including one from my cell phone provider, I woke up at 7:45 a.m. My usual get-up time is 5:00. That's because I am insane. If I take the school bus I usually leave at 7:15. So I give myself over two hours.

Anyway, I woke up at 7:45 and left with the car an hour later. How did I manage to get ready in an hour? I skipped breakfast. My one class I currently have was horribly boring, since we had a substitute, and my law is "substitute = no work. Not that we do anything in that class anymore anyway. We simply work through old IB exams.

In happier news, I can now officially call myself a college student, I guess. I faxed my acceptance of my acceptance to Utica College of Syracuse University today. Tomorrow night I am going partying in somebody's backyard, since there's a triple birthday party, and in Austria (as in basically all countries of the world but the U.S. and Canada), May 1 is Labor Day, hence no school.

Well, I have a summer resolution now. I will fix this whole newkai.com web empire junk up. I have like all these remnants and dead links on it. To make one thing clear, I do not like 98 Degrees! Sorry girls, but I don't. Those cheap link pages was meant to lure people to my site so I could get more visitors, and attract people to sign up for all these "pay while you surf programs, most of which don't even exist anymore! The same goes for that Kelly Family links site. Those European visitors amongst us (are there even any!?) will know this "band, which I can't stand at all either! (Sorry girls, once again). I do like U2, however. Anyway, those will all come down. If you look at the counter at the bottom of this page, you will see that there is a number far over 5,000. That is because I had thousands of "tourist trap visitors. I personally don't really care about the quantity of visitors anymore. It is important to have quality visitors like all of you! 2:55 pm

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