March Came in First or Second for

Unique Visitors: 8371 (New Record)
Number of Visits: 16561 (New Record)
Pages: 42243 (2nd Place)
Hits: 158933 (2nd Place)
Bandwidth: 3.05 GB (2nd Place)
Top Photo: DSC00059 from “Copenhagen I (Kai’s Camera)” (32 Views, Pictured)
Top Countries: United States, Austria, Australia, Sweden, Brazil
March either broke records or came in second to them, thanks to a great increase in visitors that find my site through Google and new photos that were uploaded.
More and more visitors are getting to through search engine results of my weblog. These visitors represent most of the current average of 115 per day.
For most-viewed photo, DSC02637 from “New Year’s Eve“, was finally unseated by DSC00059 from my spring break (numbering was reset due to camera repair).
The most visited sections of my website were AIS2002.COM, followed by my weblog, photos, KaiCams, and videos.
Google’s index of my website increased slightly, from 724 to 733 pages. Currently the most searched-for phrase that leads Googlers to my site is depressing lyrics, followed by Long Beach short bus lyrics and 18th birthday party.

Oops, There Goes the Guestbook!

viper_guestbook.jpgTonight I noticed that there was an upgrade available for my guestbook script. So, thinking it couldn’t take long, I decided to install it. However, the “Black Sunrise” skin I use wasn’t working with it, one thing led to another, and I ended up accidentally deleting the whole guestbook database. Luckily there’s a Google cache of the entire guestbook. So, after some manual copy and pasting I can restore it soon. I’ve got more important things to do right now though, so it could take a day or two.
This is not the first time a “minor” upgrade has caused me panic at the midnight hour. See “23 Hours of Panic” from last summer.
In other news, my site had it’s 50,000th visitor (since April 1, 2000) tonight… Someone from Englishtown, New Jersey.

February Was Another Great Month for

Unique Visitors: 6497 (New Record)
Number of Visits: 10872 (New Record)
Pages: 29715 (5th Place)
Hits: 96483 (7th Place)
Bandwidth: 2.65 GB (2nd Place)
Top Photo: DSC02637 from “New Year’s Eve” (36 Views, Pictured)
Top Countries: United States, Austria, Australia, Great Britain, Sweden
February was a pretty decent month for, thanks to a great increase in visitors that find my site through Google. Considering I hardly added any photos last month, the results are great.
The increase in Google traffic can be seen in the first two figures above, which both represent new records since my current statistics software began tracking in December 2004. Bandwidth (data transfered) came in second, most likely still fueled by the new videos I added in January.
Pages and hits could not keep up at all because of the lack of new photos. Each photo is located on a separate page, which drives those statistics up.
Speaking of photos, last month’s most-visited photo, DSC02637, was not unseated, being viewed 36 unique times, not including its views on this weblog.
The most visited sections of my website were AIS2002.COM, followed by my weblog, KaiCams, photos, and videos.
Google’s index of my website dropped from 951 to 724 pages. Currently the most searched-for phrase that leads Googlers to my site is depressing lyrics, followed by IB sucks and 18th birthday party.

January Shatters Records on

Unique Visitors: 5625 (New Record)
Number of Visits: 8840 (New Record)
Pages: 39065 (2nd Place)
Hits: 160085 (2nd Place)
Bandwidth: 3.11 GB (New Record)
Top Photo: DSC02637 from “New Year’s Eve” (52 Views, Pictured)
Top Countries: United States, Austria, Great Britain, Australia, Switzerland
January was a extremely successful month for, fueled by the addition of around 500 photos and four videos between December 24 and January 31.
The bandwidth (data transfered) shattered the previous record of 1.98 GB, set in July 2005, by over a 57 percent, coming in at 3.11 GB. The unique visitor number came in at over twice the record from that same July, while visits broke the record (again from July ’05) by nearly 86 percent.
Pages and hits could not keep up with July ’05, most likely due to the hundreds of photos that were being posted every week back then, causing many more individual page views and hits.
The most visited sections of my website were AIS2002.COM, followed by my weblog, photos, KaiCams, and videos. The guestbook technically received top honors, but I’m de-qualifying it due to the massive spam attacks it experienced this month. This is the same order as last month, except that the video section shot up out of a much lower rank.
According to Google, my website consists of 951 pages.

I Hate to Say They Told Me So

How many times have you been told to back up your data? Here at SU’s Kimmel Computer Lab there’s even a 40-inch (102-centimeter) screen that tells you nothing else. But of course, just like death, a STD, or pregnancy, you think it can never happen to you!
Thursday afternoon I came back to apartment to find my PowerBook making nothing but a clicking noise. I drove straight to the nearest Apple store where the problem was diagnosed, my PowerBook was taken in, and I was told I’d never see my data again.
I’m only about to realize what I lost. Every day I remember about more and more files that were exclusively on that hard drive. I even had a 120GB external drive I could have backed some important data to, but I mainly used it for video files, which I had backed up on digital tape anyway!
In better news, the weather is still great! Woohoo!

Global Recognition

My Site Meter tracking tool recently added a feature to let me view my recent visitors on a map. How incredible is that? Well, I suppose it’s nothing specially really… All that’s done is taking the visitors’ locations and pinpointing them on a map. But I just noticed this new feature, and thought it was worth a weblog entry. By holding the cursor over a dot you get the details. The red dot represents the latest visitor, the green dots the latest 10, and the white the latest 100.
There’s not just a world map either! You can zoom in on continents for a closer view.
If you want to try out the real interactive map, click here.

mt-rebuild Script Shuts Down Site for Hours

At around 11:25 this morning I was attempting to reinstall and setup the mt-rebuild script for my weblog. It’s useful because I run the MTOnThisDay plugin on this weblog (see right column on main page). In order for this plugin to work properly, I need to rebuild the main page once a day. For a couple of months I ran the mt-rebuild script without any problems. It was deleted when I had the whole upgrade problem to MovableType 3.2 Beta (See “23 Hours of Panic“). I guess mt-rebuild doesn’t work with 3.2 Beta, as I was getting errors. My frequent attempt to fix these errors caused me to run the script multiple times, which is probably what got my account suspended.
The Lypha support team first told me it was from a possibly malicious script in my /tmp directory. It does appear that it was simply the mt-rebuild script though. In any case, I’ll be manually refreshing my weblog until I can be certain that mt-rebuild or a similar script can run fine in cooperation with MT 3.2.
My greatest success of last night was getting the LiveJournal log in to finally work, with a minor alteration to the OpenMTLogin plugin’s cgi file. Now if only more people would comment…

“Because Your Weblog Should Be Fun, Not Work”

I’ve been spending most of this week randomly tweaking things on my weblog. Along with installing about half-a-dozen plugins, I spent the entire night last night, and a good amount of this morning, trying to get LiveJournal sign in to work. Since everyone and their mom (or perhaps their sister) has LiveJournal, I thought it’d be a great feature to add. There’s a plugin by markpasc that adds this functionality. I installed it, created a LiveJournal account for testing it, and have gotten to the LiveJournal verification page, where LJ asks me if it’s OK to send my identity to Then, however, I get this error:
Undefined subroutine &Digest::MD5::md5_hex called at signon.cgi line 103.
So close… I have Digest::MD5 installed on my server… That can’t be the problem. Anyway, I’ve asked for help on the Six Apart forums, so maybe I can get it working sometime in the not so distant future.
I also just updated to the latest nightly build of Movable Type. A new beta release is coming out tomorrow, so this was quite pointless, but I thought I’d try it out anyway. It seems to be working fine.
Update: LiveJournal login now works!

New Look, More Protection

Starting yesterday afternoon, I completed a set of upgrades and installations to this weblog. I upgraded the templates and decided to stick with a white background (much easier to read), and installed a bunch of plug-ins to protect the weblog and comment posters from spam. I suppose I should give some credit:

So I hope I’m now well-protected against comment spam, while letting my visitors comment without signing up for anything.
I also added Keywords, which automatically creates keywords from what’s in my title, body, and comments of my entries.