One Last Look

Today is the last full day I have to study for my last exam, which is for my “International Organizations” class. It, just like all my other final exams this semester, isn’t a true final. It is simply a third test… It’s only on the material covered since the prior test. That makes things somewhat easier. However, we are required to explain the significance of every short-answer question, which, in return, makes it harder again.
I spent last night working on my final essay for my “Boundaries in Syracuse” class, which is also due tomorrow. I wrote about six pages (eight are required). I’ll have to finish it up later tonight or tomorrow.
Anyway, I’m off to the Science and Technology Library in the Carnegie Building, as it is the quietest. After I am kicked out of there around 11, I’ll go to the main (Bird) library until around two or so. Should be a fun evening, especially with the walks in the single-digit (°F, around -15°C) temperatures.

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