Satanic Cult at Quarry

Yesterday night was pretty fun. I hung out with my friends Kerstin and Natalie. All rumors had it that there was a quarry that night, and since we had nothing better to do, we decided to stop by. We arrived at the closest bus stop around midnight, and saw some people from the school. So once again, this led us to believe something was going on. However, once we got up to the field where it is usually held, there were only a handful of Austrians sitting around the campfire. On our way back down we heard all this drumming, and decided to check out where it was coming from. We walked up another path towards it, and it became louder and louder. We started thinking that we should turn around because it could have been some satanic cult or something. Just as we were discussing this the drumming stopped. It was scary as hell, so we left. Just before we got back to the normal street at the bottom we saw this guy walking up the hill all hypnotized. Seriously, our whole trip could have been in a movie.
Today it has been hot as hell. My apartment heated up to 28ÉC (82.4ÉF). I left around three to aimless wander up and down Mariahilfer Straœe a bit. I got back around five. Now IÌm just trying to figure out ways to kill time until like eight or nine, when I will head downtown to party.

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