One-Day Week

Well this past weekend I didn’t do much. I sort of saw it as a vacation. I spent some time back-archiving this weblog. I guess I’m back to like August of last year now.
Yeah… I also devoted a good part of my weekend trying to get people from my high school class to post on my “AIS 2002” site. That actually worked!
I guess both Sunday and Monday I went to Soundgarden downtown. It’s a pretty cool store. They got raided last week by the Secret Service and the recording industry for having hundreds of pirated CDs. I think that boosted their business.
Monday I also aimlessly wandered around in the Carousel Center, and spent like nearly $4 on ice cream at the Coldstone Creamery… I think that’s what it’s called. They like lift a bunch of ice cream out of a container and then slap it on a counter and beat it to a pulp with the toppings of your choosing. It’s pretty strange.
Then yesterday I got trained for my new job at the Video Production Unit. It was pretty cool. At least I got a bit more respectable job than last year’s janitorial assistant, although I didn’t mind that job at all. It was pretty cool actually.
Well today’s Wednesday/Hellday with five classes. But that’s my entire week, so it’s all cool.
This weekend I’m going home to watch my dog… Fun! But then again, two of my suitemates are going to Boston, and there’s no home football game, so it would probably be boring here as well.

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