It All Adds Up

Want to hear about another series of events both past and future that have me in a real angry mood right now?
Well, where should I start? I had a psychology exam this morning… at ten! That’s right, I had to answer 100 questions about random psychology at ten in the morning! I actually spent three hours or so last night studying for it.
I felt horribly worn out after that exam. Then I had about an hour to finish some chemistry lab junk which really sucked. After that I had an appointment at 12:30 to participate in some alcohol research survey thing for which I receive credit for my psychology class. This was a one-on-one interview and I answered questions about alcohol and such for over an hour. Then at 2:30 I had the chemistry lab that all that junk from earlier was due for. Luckily it only went an hour, after which I went back to my suite.
At five I had dinner with a few of my friends and then drove to K-Mart and Party City to get some Halloween costumes with four of my friends. Since one of my friends left his hat at the K-Mart, I ended up driving from campus to East Syracuse to North Syracuse, back to East Syracuse to get the hat, and then finally back to campus via one of my friends’ frat house. Weeeew! By then it was nearly nine.
So that was the day and now I get to tell you about some of the other things that are pissing me off! First of all, some Apple loan I took out to buy a new laptop got messed up because of sales tax (long story). Since I’m really pissed I am going to call them up at eight tomorrow morning, which is when they open.
Then I’m trying to get a plane ticket to Austria for Winter Break. The fares keep swinging between $650 and $1029. I even found one for $550 on one of those random sites that don’t tell you the airline until after you book. Supposedly the flights are on “major U.S. carriers.” Too bad that when I click on the fare I get some sort of error.
Then I have to schedule my classes for next semester! I have to set up an appointment with an advisor and all that junk. Then I have to register from a computer lab because the damn thing supposedly doesn’t support Mac OS X. Furthermore, this has a hurdle as well, as my “SUnix” account doesn’t work in the computer labs for some reason! I also have absolutely no clue what classes to take and where to go with my life!
And lastly, I can’t find one of the video tapes (of the AIS Prom this summer) that I want to edit and send to one of my friends! I looked through like forty tapes and none contain the footage!
Seriously, this is hell! Oh, and I still have a few class assignments to do here and there! I might spend the night at home tomorrow (90 minutes away) just to chill out somewhere else for once!

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