I bought this really sweet CD today. ItÌs called mangerbabies (capitalization purposely left out). And no, I didnÌt buy it at some CD store÷ I got it personally delivered! By one of the artists himself! Now thatÌs what I call service! To you preteen readers: When is the last time Britney Spears or a Backstreet Boy sold you a CD at your door? This is real music here folks! Not commercially electronically overdubbed junk.
And the best part is÷ Unless youÌre local, you canÌt have it! MUHAHAHAHAH! No mangerbabies for you! Of course if they become really popular youÌll just be able to download it off the internet like those commercially electronically overdubbed junk songs÷
Anyway, I didnÌt do much today. I just got a few more things ready for college. I also finished my momÌs new web site ( More money for me!
Yep, that would be about it÷
Oh, and I hauled my 60-pound (27-kilogram) stereo package to UPS. I hurt myself a bit doing so, but IÌll survive. That way I now have way more room in the car for other stuff÷ Like my 90-pound (41-kilogram) TV!

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